International Religious Music Symposium


03-05 November 2017, Amasya


Amasya is one of the historic Anatolian cities that had hosted many civilizations in the past. Being the sanjak of shahzadah in the Ottoman Empire period, deeply affected the socio-cultural life of the city. Because the sultans who come to the throne had provided the necessary scientific and cultural environment in these cities in order that the shahzadahs could grow in the best way. Besides the scientists, the artists also settled in the center where the shahzadah was. Their training and activities in the field of science and art had brought a great vitality to the socio-cultural life of the city. From the day when Amasya was first conquered by Muslims, music have become an indispensable element of this city. Because the sources mentioned that the day of conquest, the first rising voice in the city was the azan of conquest and salas recited as a group. The most vivid witness of the fact is that such institutions as Bimarhane, Madrasah, Music  Association etc.  settled near to mosques and masjids are still active today as it used to be. In addition, countless musicals and neyzens that have been trained until today are worths a crop of these institutions.It  has to beared in mind that musicals and neyzens have valuable works in the field of music.

With the symposium of "Religious Music in Amasya", which is planned to be performed, will provide the opportunity of determining  the richness of our province of Amasya, where our university is located in it, in terms of music and  introducing of musicals and neyzens who had been trained there and their works and will provide the opportunity of making evaluations from various aspects.

In addition to handle Amasya's musical background in the symposium, all aspects of  religious music from past to present will be evaluated. Thus, the place of religious music in the construction of our civilization will be revealed


Possible topics of the symposium are as follows:

A- Religious Music in Amasya

  • History of Religious Music in Amasya
  • Bimarhane and the Tradition of Music Therapy
  • Famous Musicals of Amasya
  • Neyzens of Amasya
  • Hafizes of Amasya
  • The Historical and Cultural Value of the Amasya Music Society
  • Zâtî Mehmed Çelebi named as “Tekke Bülbülü” (d.o.d. 1031/1622)
  • Evliyâ Mehmed Effendi (İmâm-ı Sultânî) (d.o.d. 1044/1634)
  • Hâfiz Abdullah Çelebi (d.o.d. 1079/1668) 
  • One of the Muezzins of Sultân Bâyezid Mosque: Bülbül Ahmed Çelebi (Hâfiz) (d.o.d. 1100/1689)
  • Ser-müezzin of Harem-i Şerif: Ahmed Effendi (d.o.d.  1288/1872)
  • Giriftzen Asım Bey (d.o.d.  1929)
  • Musicals Educated in Büyükağa Madrasah 
  • Shahzadah Bayezid and His Musical Aspect

 B-Religious Music From Past to Present

  • History of Religious Music 
  • The Place of Music in İslam
  • The Mosque Music
  • The Dervish Lodge Music
  • Musical Education at İmam-Hatip Schools
  • Musical Education at İmam-Hatip High Schools Applying Religious Music Program
  • Educational Competencies of Religious Music Teachers
  • Religious Music as a Method in Religious Education 
  • Music Education at Theology Faculties



          Characteristics of the papers must be;

  • in one of these languages: Turkish, English or Arabic.
  • Scientific, original, not published already.
  • Papers must have an abstract of maximum 300-500 words.
  • The abstracts submitted after the due date will not considered for evaluation.
  • The full text of the papers must not be more than 20 pages in the format of A4.
  • The full text of the papers must be communicated to the secretariat of the symposium before the time of start.



Deadline for Abstract Submission                 : 30 June 2017

Notification of acceptance                            : 14 July 2017

Submission of full-text manuscripts              : 13 October 2017

The date of the symposium                          : 03-05 November 2017



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